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Hurco 900NC

Hurco 900NC


  • Rise and fall tank assembly
  • Free standing generator
  • Free standing dielectric system (behind/to the side of m/c)
  • 50 amp generator
  • 3 axis DRO
  • 3R dovetail
  • 3R mag chuck
  • Flushing unit


Machine Tool
Table size 550 x 350mm
Work tank size 870 x 480 x 350mm
X axis travel 290mm
Y axis travel 195mm
Z axis travel Servo – 280mm
Maximum Table top to Electrode Plate Surface 435mm
Maximum electrode weight 10kg
Maximum workpiece weight 300kg
Dielectric tank capacity 340l

Output current 60amp/10 amp
Maximum surface finish 16 VDI
Electrode wear ratio Below 0.5%
Maximum stock removal 390 cumm/min
Power consumption 9 kVA