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Watersparc® Electro Discharge Grinding

WatersparcŪ Electro Discharge Grinding

A revolutionary new approach to profiling polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (CBN) compound grinding wheels.

  • Up to 70% time reduction in cutting a single wheel
  • Absolutely no fire risk
  • Fast cutting speeds with no cracking of wheels in production
  • Fine finishing
  • Sparc-out fitted ensuring minimal operator intervention
  • Multi wheel set up
  • ‘Off the peg’ electrodes for many profiles
  • Current electronics using Watersparc® ED grinding technology
  • Complies with current Health and Safety – CE Regulations
  • Can reduce end users insurance premiums

The new Watersparc® E.D. Grinding process offers a variety of key cost saving and safety benefits to end users.

A unique option available with the Watersparc® ED Grinding system is the ability to spark erode small holes in PCD metal / materials. Hole sizes from 0.2 to 3mm are achieved accurately and quickly using the SES Watersparc® technology. Multi wheel mounting assemblies can be supplied as standard together with 60 amp, and 120 amp power supply.