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CNC Orbiting-Cut System

CNC Orbiting-Cut System


  • To break through traditional restriction
  • To upgrade the quality and accuracy of the products
  • To increase efficiency and productivity
  • To install easily with intelligent design
  • Suitable for all kinds of EDM
  • Fully tested through shock and vibration testing

Orbiting mode



Cuts at 45% for corner sharpening Makes it easy to engrave a T-type channel Preventing build-up of debris and deformation in boring a deep hole and big plane
Hexagon machine 100% of screw mould junction Different sizes of cavity machining can be done using just one size of electrode

Computer Controller Specifications
Feature Membrane keyboard over 30 operation tracks Z-lock and Loran mode control
Motion direct indicator Circle, square, hexagon, "X" and "+" available
Power AC110V / 220V 0.2kVA
Dimension setting 0.002 ˜ 9.999mm
Orbit speed 0.15 ˜ 0.8mm/sec in 10 steps
Dimension (W x D x H) 315 x 460 x 200mm
Weight 16.6kg (N.W.)


Head of Orbit-Cut System Specifications
Feature Suitable for any branded EDM
Maximum electrode weight 15kg
Size (W x D x H) 200 x 200 x 220mm
Weight 13kg (N.W.)
X.Y. travel ± 5mm
Repeat accuracy 0.01mm