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Training of personnel is essential to keep productivity and performance high. Our training courses are all designed to give a swift return on investment.

About the courses

Our training courses have a 60/40 bias towards “hands-on” work. They always use specific examples from your setting. This ensures you leave with practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

General training areas include:

  • Operator familiarisation
  • EDM Basics
  • EDM Advanced
  • EDM for Supervisors

We also develop bespoke courses. Recent courses have included:

  • Basic spark erosion techniques
  • Understanding spark gaps
  • Electrode wear / surface finish
  • Health and Safety in relation to EDM
  • Work planning / Electrode manufacture

About the trainers

Our principal trainer, Bert Banks, is an engineer with over 50 years’ experience.

Ray Ghent trains clients on spark erosion machine maintenance, calibration and theoretical background.

Both are engineers with extensive experience of EDM equipment and processes. This means they can quickly develop a productive rapport to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

General information

Courses normally take place at customers’ premises or can be held at SES (Glos) Ltd. At the end of each course, attendees are awarded a Course Member Certificate.

To enquire about spark erosion training, get in touch.