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About SES (Glos) Ltd

SES (Glos) Ltd supplies new and pre-owned EDM equipment. We also support a comprehensive range of spark erosion equipment including Sparcatron, Agemaspark, British-built Eurospark, Hurcospark, GEE Glevum.

Our products and service

We aim to combine high quality products with high quality expertise. Our customers appreciate our personal, practical, helpful and no-nonsense approach. Whether you want advice on an existing machine or need to spec a new one, we have the know-how you need.

Our people

The key members of our team are Christina Skuse, Bert Banks and Terry Mahon. All have extensive experience of the major EDM makes.

Our history

SES (Glos) Ltd is a relatively new company but its roots go back to the origin of EDM technology in the United Kingdom.

For a potted guide, visit History.