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SES (Glos) Ltd has roots going back over 50 years – right back to the very beginning of EDM technology. From the Sparcatron Mk 1 developed by IDP in 1952 right through to the latest developments.

Established in 2002, the personnel within SES (Glos) Ltd have experience incorporated from the following companies:

  • IDP
  • Sparcatron Ltd
  • Agemaspark
  • Glevum
  • Machine Tool Enterprises
  • Hurco
  • Eurospark

Today, as SES (Glos) Ltd, we supply our own range of high quality bespoke spark erosion equipment. We also support the products manufactured by the companies above. This includes Sparcatron, Agemaspark, British-built Eurospark, Hurcospark, GEE Glevum.

We only support machines that our engineers have either built, designed or been trained to work on by the manufacturers above.